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"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." --Albert Einstein

Step 1 - Place your normal affiliate link for what you are promoting in our system.

Step 2 - Promote your ADSTRAORDINARY link instead of your normal affiliate link.

Here's what happens next - 

1. Your Affiliate Link is shown FIRST in our ADSTRAORDINARY system, and on Every promotion you would typically just send your normal affilate link.

2. You not only get that initial promotional "View" (we are not talking a tiny banner ad, we are talking a FULL page Extraordianry view of your primary business opportunity) but, you set in motion the "Viral" component of the ADSTRAORDINARY system.

Your Affiliate Link for your primary business is now in position to be displayed on literally thousands or even millions in our network of thousands of members.   

What does this mean exactly?

3. Make Money - HUGE Passive Cash !! (see comp plan below)

It means as our network of members grows by the thousands across the globe, your primary business link (or whatever you are promoting), goes along for the ride and will be seen by literally thousands.  All on auto-pilot.  All Guaranteed.  And, you make HUGE commissions.  Brilliant!


Extraordinary Viral Traffic and 100% Payouts:

We will use 10 members who attract 10 others to our ADSTRAORDINARY system and duplication over just 7 levels deep (members view only 7 ADZ however, our network in reality goes to infinity levels deep), That's 10 x10 x10 x10 x10 x10 x10 = 10 million Views to our ADSTRAORDINARY network. And, that's not all, ...

You see, with 10 million promoting - they are likely getting 5, 10, 20, and 30+ views from each individual member's efforts. That's at minimum 50 - 100 million views for our members using our "viral" ADSTRAORDINARY system. All of this activity adds to the mayhem and expands the system even more. Are you beginning to see the Colossal POWER behind ADSTRAORDINARY?

We realize this is an over the top example meant to showcase the sheer power in what you have before you.  And, ...

Did we mention, the above examples are just as a FREE member and that by Upgrading and participating in our comp plan, you can get 6x the "Viral" exposure? Six times the exposure!  Upgraded members multiply their traffic by a factor of up to Six.

Upgraded Members get up to (6) Six times the exposure. What's the cost to become an Upgraded  Member?

Upgraded Membership - plant a tiny seed of just $5 one-time payment

And, you own it FOR LIFE!

  • BEGIN button on our ADSTRAORDINARY viewer will ALWAYS be your link/website (Free or Upgraded).
  • Positions 1 - 6 will show Level specific Upgraded Members links/websites (6 to 1 ratio over Free members).  Six times the exposure.  Example: 1000 views for a FREE member equates to 6000 views for the Pro Member (multiply this by thousands and we're talking tens of thousands more views with ZERO  additional effort)
  • Upgraded members progress through the (6) Six Positions or Levels for additional Exposure based on their Upgrade Level
  • Upgraded members gain Lifetime AD exposure for Levels 1 - 6 and you can edit them at any time.

Free Members can place One AD in our ADSTRAORDINARY system

Upgraded members can place a total of 7 AZS for rotation (same or different), in ADSTRAORDINARY

Upgraded Membes also receive DEEP discounts in our other paid services (login ads, specials, etc.)

Upgraded members also participate in our lucrative compensation plan

Extraordinary 100% Payout Member-2-Member Compensation Plan:


  • Payout is 100% on Six Levels Forced-Filled, Follow Sponsor - with Spillover and Spill Under

    *You must upgraded to a Specific Level to earn on That Level

    *It is important to note
    that as one progresses to the higher paying Levels, their ADS are shown in the higher Positions (there will be fewer ADS rotating in these coveted positions and your AD exposure will be Extraordinary).   Or as we like to say, "ADSTRAORDINARY".

    We're talking exponential exposure and value for those coveted higher Positions.  Not to mention, you are making a killing with our compensation plan on those Levels.


    What is the cost of membership?

    • Membership is Free

    Do you offer paid services?

    • Yes.
    • Upgrades - Ad purchases starting at $5 One-time
    • Login ADZ - $10 per 1000 impressions for a the Upgraded ADSTRAORDINARY AD owners and $20 per 1000 impressions for a FREE member


    • All Ad purchases are non refundable 


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